Entering a church is a little like entering somebody’s house. You usually don’t step right into the kitchen and sit down to eat. You come into the porch or entrance area first. After looking around for a minute or two, you might sit down and chat for a while in the living room. Hopefully, eventually, you get to move into the kitchen and sit down and eat together and really have some meaningful conversation.

By clicking on our Sheperd of the Valley Church website you have “rung our doorbell.” We have opened the door and you have stepped into our porch. Here, you can look around a little bit and see what we’re all about. We’ve got a plaque hanging in the porch to tell you what we know and believe about God. Please read it.

As you step farther into our site, you can listen to some of the living room “conversation” – what we’re doing today, what plans we have for tomorrow. We welcome you to join in the conversation.

We would encourage you to step even farther in by inquiring about something that interests you, by meeting some of our church “family” or by worshiping God with us. If you have some questions or if you are ready for some deep and meaningful conversation about life and about God (spiritual food), we’re ready for that, too.

WELCOME to our church! We’re glad you’ve stepped inside.

Pastor M. Lobitz

  • "Destination Lutheran Weddings" - according to the Rite of Marriage of Lutheran Church-Canada, one man and one woman in the bonds of Holy Marriage.
  • Invitation for weekly use of our Church Building by like-minded non-profit organizations in our area.
  • Use of our "Lutheran Guest Room" for overmight stays in Canmore.
  • Use of our Church Building by small youth groups, ski clubs, and couples groups for weekends stays.

By donation only.  Check with Pastor Mark Lobitz at mclobitz@gmail.com or 403-637-2650 for more information.